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Is Chronic Stress Impacting Your Health?

Join us for our 4 part Stress Recovery series


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Work, family and health concerns are major contributors of high stress levels. Brain fog, declining focus and low energy levels are examples of your brain being overwhelmed by these daily responsibilities. If you find yourself overwhelmed from any or all of these stressors, we have a solution to achieve greater function by strengthening your stress response.

First of our 4 part series is on Wed Oct 26th at 7pm Over Zoom

The SOS Stress Recovery Program is a nutrition and lifestyle program designed to help bring the mind and body back into balance while eliminating the unhealthy effects of stress.

Each person’s response to stress is unique and complex. The essential tools in this program are designed to be flexible as they help support each component of the stress response, allowing you to find the perfect balance that restores your vitality and optimal health.

Once you understand these basic principles, you will have the tools to control your stress response, rather than be controlled by the events and circumstances around you.

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