What is integrative healing?


Integrative healing can have a lot of different facets to it. It is essentially looking at somebody as a whole. It looks at somebody in their physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional state.

It’s looking at somebody as far as what are the stressors in their life? What are the situations that are going on? Are they working full-time? Are they home with seven kids all the time? Are they taking care of parents? Are they taking care of children with a disability?

An integrational approach is looking at all of that, as your health as a whole. So often times in medicine we’re so restricted with our time and we cut people up into portions. We say we’re a podiatrist, and I love my podiatrist when their needed, but only for looking at a foot, your ear, or your stomach. We forget to put people back together as a whole. What is causing the increase in the stress or the problems that could be contributing to our physical problems that were seeking help for. It is interesting to me that years ago when we looked at medicine it really had a little bit more of this holistic approach, that we kept people together. The more and more advanced we have gotten with information, which is a great benefit to us, and some of the providers that is specialized down further pathways, we need that information. But to have somebody that you put on your team that keeps you as a whole, that remembers who you are, that remembers things that are going on in your life, that’s willing to talk about it. Just an overall emotional or mental approach to what we’re going through physically.

That’s really an important thing we’re missing. That’s a part of why I created this clinic, Southwick Integrative Healing. Because I really think healing is an integration between many modalities, many different approaches, looking at us as a whole and what is happening to us. We really like to just focus in on one thing and I don’t see it that way. I think most of us are a bunch of several different pieces, I want to be that person that can help you put these pieces back together, see you as a person and take that individualized approach that you need in your healing.