Hormone Replacement Therapy


Most chronic illnesses get worse with hormone imbalance. Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement therapy can provide many remarkable benefits to both men and women. Hormones have hundreds of essential functions in the human body. As these hormones change, many people experience different symptoms and complications, decreasing quality and quantity of life. These symptoms can be mild to severe. Severe hormone imbalance can cause multiple health issues. Utilizing bio-identical hormone therapy can be safe by using a balanced physiologic approach. You really can age better, prevent illness and think and feel better!

There are many beliefs and approaches regarding hormone therapy in both women and men. At Southwick Integrative Healing we use a physiologic approach that is customized to each individual client. Physiologic dosing means to prescribe amounts of hormones the body would normally produce on its own. This approach is considered conservative by most practitioners that prescribe hormone therapy. In some cases, other healing modalities such as nutritional or biofeedback may be safer and/or more effective. By evaluating the specific concerns of the individual, a customized approach can improve and protect both mental and physical health concerns relating to hormone imbalance. The ultimate goal is to be healthiest we can be for as long as possible.